how to make macrame

How to Make Macrame

To make macramé is actually very easy. You only need four materials and tools that are easy for you to find around you.

Materials needed to make macramé

  • Wooden trunk with a size of 40 cm
  • Braid cotton thread (you can adjust the size to your liking depending on the size of the macrame you are going to make)
  • Scissor
  • Meter

After the materials and tools are available, here’s how to easily make macramés that you can follow.

  • Prepare a stick and cut the rope three meters each of 14 pieces of rope.
  • Combine the two ropes together using a knot until you get seven knots.
  • Divide the rope into two groups, the right and the left. Leave one rope in the middle.
  • Tie a square knot on each side of the rope for up to five rows.
  • Continue the rest of the rope by making diagonal half hitch knots from the edge of the rope to the center. Tie this knot on each side of the rope. If so, make a box knot in the middle rope.
  • Re-create the diagonal half hitch that is the length of your creation.
  • If that’s enough, cut the rope into a triangle using scissors.

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