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Chuwi Minibook X (Second like New)



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Selling foldable laptop chuwi minibook X used but luxurious condition. please read before buying :

Buying chuwi minibook X means agreeing! no complains.


  • Laptop Ori
  • Original charger
  • Dosbook Ori
  • Complete manual etc


  • The indicator light is on even when it’s not charging (but it doesn’t affect performance)
  • Smooth white top right screen (only when just turned on after entering windows normally)
  • never opened to add thermal (not sealed)


  • 100% good performance. no defects.
  • 100% good functionality. no defects.

Introducing the Chuwi Minibook X: A Compact Powerhouse

In the world of portable computing, the Chuwi Minibook X stands out as a true game-changer. This ultraportable device combines the convenience of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop, offering a powerful and versatile solution for on-the-go professionals, students, and creative individuals.

With its sleek design, robust performance, and a host of impressive features, the Chuwi Minibook X has quickly become a go-to option for those seeking a compact powerhouse.

Pros of Chuwi Minibook X:

  1. Compact and Portable:

    One of the standout features of the Chuwi Minibook X is its compact form factor. With a screen size of just 8 inches, it easily fits into any bag or backpack, making it the ideal companion for travel or commuting.

    Despite its small size, the Minibook X doesn’t compromise on usability. The keyboard is surprisingly comfortable to type on, and the touchpad is responsive and precise. Whether you’re working on a plane, train, or in a café, the Minibook X offers a comfortable and efficient typing experience.

  2. Powerful Performance:

    Don’t let its small size fool you—the Chuwi Minibook X packs a punch when it comes to performance. Powered by an Intel Core processor, this device can handle demanding tasks with ease.

    Whether you’re editing documents, crunching numbers, or multitasking between multiple applications, the Minibook X delivers smooth and efficient performance.

    The integrated Intel UHD Graphics further enhance the device’s capabilities, making it suitable for light gaming and content creation.

  3. Crisp Display:

    The Minibook X boasts an 8-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. The screen offers vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent viewing angles, making it a delight to use for both work and entertainment purposes.

    Whether you’re watching movies, editing photos, or reading documents, the display on the Minibook X ensures an immersive and visually pleasing experience.

  4. Ample Storage and Expandability:

    To cater to your storage needs, the Chuwi Minibook X comes with a generous 512GB solid-state drive (SSD). This ample storage capacity allows you to store your files, documents, media, and applications without worrying about running out of space.

    Moreover, the Minibook X offers expandability options with its MicroSD card slot and USB ports, enabling you to further increase your storage capacity or connect external devices effortlessly.

  5. Versatile Connectivity:

    Despite its compact size, the Chuwi Minibook X offers an impressive range of connectivity options. It features two USB Type-C ports that support both data transfer and video output, enabling you to connect external displays or accessories with ease.

    Additionally, the device is equipped with a USB 3.0 port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a Micro HDMI port, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of peripherals and devices.

  6. Long-lasting Battery Life:

    When you’re constantly on the move, having a reliable and long-lasting battery becomes crucial. The Chuwi Minibook X delivers on this front, thanks to its 26.6Wh battery.

    With moderate usage, the device can easily last for a full workday, allowing you to stay productive without the need for frequent charging.

    This impressive battery life makes the Minibook X an excellent companion for individuals who are always on the go.

  7. Windows 10 Operating System:

    The Chuwi Minibook X comes pre-installed with the Windows 10 operating system. This familiar and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless transition for those accustomed to the Windows ecosystem.

    With Windows 10, you have access to a vast range of applications, productivity tools, and creative software, empowering you to accomplish your tasks efficiently and unleash your creativity.

The Chuwi Minibook X is a remarkable device that successfully combines portability, performance, and versatility in a single package.

Its compact size, powerful performance, crisp display, ample storage, and versatile connectivity options make it an excellent choice for individuals who require a portable yet capable computing solution.

Whether you’re a professional on the go, a student in need of a versatile study companion, or a creative individual seeking a compact workstation, the Chuwi Minibook X has got you covered.

Embrace the power of this compact powerhouse and elevate your productivity wherever you go.


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